Accessible, affordable, and flexible classical education curriculum for the Christian homeschooler.


Curriculum By Subject

Old Western Culture

A Classical Christian Great Books Curriculum

For centuries, the study of the great books has been central to education.

Old Western Culture is your guide through the great books. Read the texts, watch video lectures, and engage with the ideas through the workbooks that accompany each unit.

Puer et Monstrum

Picta Dicta Latin

Picta Dicta Curriculum, Visual Latin, and Word Up!

Introductory and Intermediate Logic

Introductory and Intermediate Logic: the art of reasoning well.

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric

Fitting words instructs students in the art of classical rhetoric, providing them with tools of communication that will equip them for life.

Calculus for Everyone

Calculus For Everyone: Understanding the Mathematics of Change, by Dr. Mitch Stokes.

Grammar of Poetry by Matt Whitling


The Grammar of Poetry: a video course and textbook that teaches the mechanics of poetry by using the classical approach of imitation.

Dave Raymond’s U.S. History and Modernity

Veteran history teacher Dave Raymond gives a comprehensive history of the United States.

Economics for Everybody

An insightful, and entertaining exploration of the principles, practices, and consequences of economics.

Literature Guides

Deeper Heaven: A Reader’s Guide to C.S. Lewsis’s Ransom Trilogy, by Christiana Hale



Other books and resources on classical education and culture not directly connected to our curriculum, as well as our Roman Roads Classics, Shorts, Classical Swag (mugs, posters, shirts) and more!

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