Logic | Grades 7-12+


The Art of Reasoning Well

Introductory Logic

Logic is the art of reasoning well. In this classic logic curriculum, the authors lay the proper foundation for reasoning from the truth of God, then train students in the crucial skills of defining terms, determining the truth of statements, discerning and constructing valid arguments, identifying informal fallacies, and more. By providing students with fundamental standards for rational thought, logic helps them excel in every subject they study.

Intermediate Logic

Logic is the art of thinking in a straight line, of analyzing arguments and constructing proofs. In this modern logic curriculum, the author teaches the powerful tools of truth tables and truth trees to deconstruct propositional statements to determine validity, consistency, equivalence and more, then teaches how to derive conclusions from premises using the rules of formal proof. Building on this foundation, students then apply these tools to actual chains of reasoning, providing insights into a variety of subjects, from arguments in the Bible up to modern digital electronics.

Logic Live Classes

Logic is a full year of instruction using a flipped-classroom model, combining video instruction and live instruction (recitations). This is the best way to learn logic in the homeschool!