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Note: A single copy of a video curriculum is intended for individual families (single family license). Schools are welcome to use a single home license for occasional in-school use, teacher library use (one teacher at a time), and individual teacher preparation and training, but if it will be used by multiple families throughout the year (in school or at home), it must be licensed for that school year.
Stand-alone books
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Physical desk copies are intended for institutions seriously considering adoption of the curriculum. Please do not request a physical copy for stocking teacher libraries.
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Note: Group Discount Code works best for smaller groups, or groups that order in small batches or are not fixed in size. However, these codes do not stack with items on sale, meaning a few weeks out of the year the codes will not work for your group. Larger schools and institutions should use Purchase Order.

School and Co-op Resources

Using Old Western Culture in a co-op or school setting: