Welcome to the Roman Roads Press! We publish curriculum and books in the classical Christian tradition with the mission of equipping families to “Inherit the Humanities.” 

Why Roman Roads Press

Our mission since 2012 has been to equip families and schools with tools to “inherit the humanities.” We publish curriculum by creating courses with veterans of classical Christian education who bring a lifetime of experience, love, and dedication to their craft. We craft courses around people (with an emphasis on video courses) because we want the personality and passion of the author to shine through the material. We believe we have accomplished this, and that is why parents and their children love learning through these materials.

Roman Roads” • About the Name

Just as the first century roads of the Roman Empire were the physical means by which the early church spread the gospel far and wide, so Roman Roads Press uses today’s technology to bring timeless truth, goodness, and beauty into your home.

Roman Roads Press founder Daniel Foucachon grew up in France – known in the 1st century as Gaul – and specifically in the city of Lyon (or Lugdunum), home of Roman emperor Claudius, walking the Roman roads that are still visible in many places. The roads themselves are no longer there, but the inheritance of civilization exists today, and was preserved (by Christians!) throughout the centuries. The internet and video technology today are our “Roman roads,” and may not last in their current form and use for another 2,000 years, but the ideas and civilization that travels on these roads are a great blessing to Christians.<

Our mission is for the building blocks of wisdom, knowledge, and virtue to travel along these new “roads” so that parents can raise their children in the nurture and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4) as eternal souls that will outlast all human roads.