Early Moderns

From Shakespeare to Jane Austen

Early Moderns

Learn about the greatest and most influential works from the early modern period: poetry, theology, novels, and political treatises.

How does it work?

Early Moderns offers a complete literature and history course. Intended for high school aged students (14+), as well as for the adult enrichment student.

Old Western Culture is a guide through the great books. Start your journey by watching the first video in a unit. Students are introduced to the work, the historical context, and given tips for reading, then assigned reading to complete before the next video lecture. After watching and reading, students answer lecture and reading comprehension questions in the workbook, which is also preparation for the exam that accompanies each unit. The workbook can also be used as a guide for discussion in a group setting.

  • 1 full year of instruction divided into four units: Rise of England, Poetry and Politics, The Enlighenment, and The Novels.
  • 48 lectures.
  • 30-40 minutes per lecture.
  • 4 quarterly exams.
  • Through the Old Western Culture Readers, an edition of the works covered for each unit.
  • Hundreds of classical paintings, maps, timelines, and more woven into the video lessons.

Early Moderns Course Trailer:

Early Moderns Course Trailer