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Note: Roman Roads curriculum is flexible across several grades.

The following Grade Packages are very flexible, and should be adapted to each family’s situation. We particularly recommend families with students close in age and level do the same program. For example, a 14 and 16 year-old would ideally both work through one year of Old Western Culture together, rather than separately, even if this means doing the series out of order. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out with a question! If you represent a homeschool coop, hybrid school, or traditional school, see our Groups Page.

7th Grade

The 7th grade bundle represents 1 History credit (US History), 1 Math/Logic credit (Introductory Logic), 1/2 English Credit (Grammar of Poetry), and 1 Language credit (Latin Primer).

8th Grade

The 8th grade bundle 1 History credit (Modernity), 1/2 Economics credit (Economics for Everybody), and 1 Language credit (Latin Primer 2).

9th Grade

The 9th Grade bundle represents 3 Humanities credits (Old Western Culture: The Greeks), and 1 Language Credit.

10th Grade

The 10th grade bundle represents 2 Humanities Credits (Old Western Culture: The Romans), 1 Rhetoric/English credit (Fitting Words), 1 Language credit (Ancient World + Latin Reader), and 1/2 Elective/Literature credit (Dante: Inferno).

11th Grade

The 11th Grade bundle represents 2 Humanities credits (Old Western Culture: Christendom), 1 Math credit (Calculus for Everyone), 1 Rhetoric/English credit (Fitting Words Rhetorc), and 1/2 Elective/Literature credit (Dante: Purgatorio).

12th grade

The 12th grade bundle represents 2 Humanities credits (Old Western Culture: Early Moderns), 1 Math Credit (Calculus for Everyone), 1 Elective/Literature elective (Deeper Heaven, with extra reading + Dante: Paradiso), and 1 Language Credit (Latin Reader).

College Level