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Remembering a Speech – 80 Years Later

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

80 years ago today, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and tomorrow marks the 80th anniversary of one of the most significant orations in American history: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Declaration of War Upon Japan. The speech is significant for several reasons. It reminds us of the nation we once lived in. We hear the dignified tone of a great American leader, confident in his country, confident in his God. We are reminded that the President is a man under authority himself, as Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war rather than taking unilateral executive action. It shows us that a great speech can be written at the simple … Continue Reading “Remembering a Speech – 80 Years Later”

Rhetorical Figures covered in Fitting words

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

The video course that accompanies Fitting Words Rhetoric begins each lesson with a review of a rhetorical figure. These are covered again in detail in lesson 27, but students will already be familiar with them and using them. Here is the list of what figures are emphasized (with examples) in each lesson. The Glossary/Index at the back of the textbook has definitions for each of these. Fitting Words – Rhetorical figure per Lesson1. Parallelism / isocolon2. Antithesis3. Ellipsis / zeugma4. Asyndeton5. Polysyndeton6. Parenthesis7. Alliteration / assonance8. Antimetabole / chiasmus9. Anaphora10. Epistrophe11. Climax12. Epanalepsis13. Anadiplosis14. Polyptoton15. Metaphor16. Simile17. Metonymy18. Synecdoche19. Personification20. Apostrophe21. … Continue Reading “Rhetorical Figures covered in Fitting words”

Augustine on the use of Rhetoric

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Christians need to learn the tools of Rhetoric both to persuade and to gain wisdom and understanding of our times. “Since, then, the faculty of eloquence is available for both sides, and is of very great service in the enforcing either of wrong or right, why do not good men study to engage it on the side of truth, when bad men use it to obtain the triumph of wicked and worthless causes, and to further injustice and error?” —Augustine, On Christian Teaching (quoted in Fitting Words: Classical Rhetoric for the Christian Student by James B Nance).

Elie Wiesel, RIP

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Elie Wiesel died today. He is one of the 30 famous orators featured in Fitting Words: Classical Rhetoric for the Christian Student. Elie Wiesel (1928–July 2nd, 2016). Wiesel was a professor, author, political activist, and Holocaust survivor. He has received numerous awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize. Wiesel has delivered speeches before several U.S. presidents. “I learned the perils of language and those of silence.” —Speech to Ronald Reagan objecting to his visit to a German cemetery, 1985 Find out more about Elie Wiesel in this CNN video, and this one.       His gentle demeanor and kind disposition were … Continue Reading “Elie Wiesel, RIP”

Fitting Words: Classical Rhetoric, illustrated

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Fitting Words: Classical Rhetoric for the Christian Student is a comprehensive high school rhetoric text by James B Nance, author of the best-selling Introductory and Intermediate Logic curriculum. It is beautifully illustrated by George Harrell. Here are a few of the illustrations. All the illustrations below are from the “Famous Orators” marginalia of the textbook. There are a total of 30, one for each chapter.