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Rhetorical Figures covered in Fitting words

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

The video course that accompanies Fitting Words Rhetoric begins each lesson with a review of a rhetorical figure. These are covered again in detail in lesson 27, but students will already be familiar with them and using them. Here is the list of what figures are emphasized (with examples) in each lesson. The Glossary/Index at the back of the textbook has definitions for each of these. Fitting Words – Rhetorical figure per Lesson1. Parallelism / isocolon2. Antithesis3. Ellipsis / zeugma4. Asyndeton5. Polysyndeton6. Parenthesis7. Alliteration / assonance8. Antimetabole / chiasmus9. Anaphora10. Epistrophe11. Climax12. Epanalepsis13. Anadiplosis14. Polyptoton15. Metaphor16. Simile17. Metonymy18. Synecdoche19. Personification20. Apostrophe21. … Continue Reading “Rhetorical Figures covered in Fitting words”