Rhetorical Figures covered in Fitting words

Glossary/Index of Fitting Words Rhetoric
Glossary/Index of Fitting Words Rhetoric

The video course that accompanies Fitting Words Rhetoric begins each lesson with a review of a rhetorical figure. These are covered again in detail in lesson 27, but students will already be familiar with them and using them.

Here is the list of what figures are emphasized (with examples) in each lesson. The Glossary/Index at the back of the textbook has definitions for each of these.

Fitting Words – Rhetorical figure per Lesson
1. Parallelism / isocolon
2. Antithesis
3. Ellipsis / zeugma
4. Asyndeton
5. Polysyndeton
6. Parenthesis
7. Alliteration / assonance
8. Antimetabole / chiasmus
9. Anaphora
10. Epistrophe
11. Climax
12. Epanalepsis
13. Anadiplosis
14. Polyptoton
15. Metaphor
16. Simile
17. Metonymy
18. Synecdoche
19. Personification
20. Apostrophe
21. Dubitatio
22. Rhetorical question
23. Hyperbole
24. Litotes
25. Oxymoron
26. Irony
27. Allusion
28. Praecisio
29. Epizeuxis
30. Accumulatio

Preview a video lesson and see how this works! Review of the lesson’s rhetorical figure is the first part of every video lesson.

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