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Fifteenth Commencement of New Saint Andrews College | Class of 2012

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

The Fifteenth Commencement of New Saint Andrews College, in Moscow, Idaho. Fourty-eight students graduated, including 33 Bachelor of Arts students, 10 Associate of Arts students and five graduate students. Of the graduate students, three received a master’s degree in classical Christian studies, and two received a Master of Arts in Theology and Letters. Share on Facebook Tweet You will find the videos of the various addresses below:

Why Classical Education?

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Why Classical? (by Luke Nieuwsma) If you’ve found this website, you probably want your family to have a Christian education – that is, an education which is based upon the belief that the Bible is God’s Word, the ultimate guide for our lives. You probably believe that any education must stand on the foundation of the gospel – salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. You probably realize how important it is that the next generation – your children – believe the truth and know how to reject the lies of the world. But you might wonder, “Why would … Continue Reading “Why Classical Education?”

A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

“What do homeschoolers look for in a video course, or in homeschool curriculum?” This is a question that a lot of publishers of curriculum, especially in the classical education world, have not asked enough. This question is what drives the Roman Roads Media’s vision! The two brothers behind Roman Roads Media were homeschooled in France. With 5 kids on 5 levels, video courses were a blessing to their mother. Some of the courses were great, some were truly terrible, and some just lacked that je ne c’est qoie (as the French would say). The knowledge they gained homeschooling overseas now … Continue Reading “A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course”

How did you come to start Roman Roads Media?

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

A Facebook contact recently asked me about how Roman Roads Media came to be. Here’s what I answered: Good question! In a sense, I’ve been preparing for this job most of my life 🙂 I grew up in France as a missionary kid, and was homeschooled. My mom was a high-school teacher before marrying my dad, and homeschooled all 5 of us kids. Her love for curriculum and books meant we went through lots of different approaches, which included several video courses. Some were great, some were terrible. We later were introduced to Classical Education when my father started a … Continue Reading “How did you come to start Roman Roads Media?”