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by George Harrell on Posted on

“I have ever considered that the United States are indebted for their republican form of government solely to the firm and determined republicanism of George Washington at this time.” – David Cobb, member of Washington’s staff [dropcap]O[/dropcap]n a chilly Wednesday morning in December, Colonel Thomas Pride and the Regiment of Foot took up position on the steps leading to the House of Commons, while Nathaniel Rich’s Regiment of Horse stood by if reinforcements were needed. As the members of Parliament arrived to perform their usual duties, they were astonished to find these military troops stationed on the steps. Colonel Pride … Continue Reading “THE NEWBURGH CONSPIRACY OF 1783”

The Cincinnatus of the West!

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Yesterday I posted a “flash quiz” on Facebook: What US city is┬ánamed after a Roman citizen from the 5th century BC?) The answer is: Cincinnati! Name after Cincinnatus, the Roman farmer who became dictator of Rome for a 6 month term by request of the senate in order to fight off invading forces. Cincinnatus defeated the enemy, leading the charge himself, and famously resigned from office a mere 15 days after being put into power, and returned to his farm. George Washington was compared to Cincinnatus on many occasions. The comparison is almost painfully obvious in works of art like … Continue Reading “The Cincinnatus of the West!”