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Fashion in Ancient Rome

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

In many aspects, ancient Rome was a modern state. They had city planning, sewage, hot baths, heated floors, elaborate customs, traditions, and a rich culture. After the fall of Rome, there was a brief “dark ages” in which much of the technology and culture of Rome disappeared. That period is not as long as some would have you think (a subject discussed in the Old Western Culture curriculum), but there was a decline. But when we think back to Rome’s height, we normally think of its technology, conquests, or even its debauchery as it declined. But what about ancient Rome’s … Continue Reading “Fashion in Ancient Rome”

The Chrysler Motor Company and Classical Art

by Valerie Abraham on Posted on

The Benefits of a Classical Education for…Car Design? We can see the influences of ancient classical art all around us, from the symmetrical lines of early 19th century architecture and the imposing columns on government buildings, to the classically inspired clothing of Jane Austen’s day. But have you ever heard of a classically-inspired car? I certainly hadn’t! However, while doing work for a project, I came across this 1929 Chrysler car advertisement: Yes, in the 1920s, Chrysler decided to look forward by looking back to the classical age for inspiration in the design of their elegant new Coupe. In this … Continue Reading “The Chrysler Motor Company and Classical Art”

Guédelon: A Modern Building of an Ancient Castle

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Have you ever found yourself reading a very old book and wondering “How did they do it all?” The castles, the battles, the art, the clothing? I still can’t read a history book, or even a historical novel, without trying to imagine the historical context around each story. So when I found out about Guédelon, I got really excited! In a century when houses are built in less than a year, and even skyscrapers take only a few years, it’s hard for us to fathom what the architectural feats of yesteryear actually involved. Guédelon bridges the gap between our imaginations … Continue Reading “Guédelon: A Modern Building of an Ancient Castle”

Roman Feasting | Friday Foray

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Friday Foray is a series of posts about fun and interesting facts about the classical world, education, or trivia. Enjoy and share! Roman Feasting Gastronomy is nothing new under the sun. In fact, the Romans beat many of even our most avant-garde efforts. Sumptuous feasts were a way to impress your friends and potential allies, so no expense was spared by rich citizens. One Roman, Lucullus, even had different rooms where he would receive different guests of varying worth–and of varying cost to himself. The highest guests were said to cost around 25,000 sesterces (circa $2,500) per person. The wilder the … Continue Reading “Roman Feasting | Friday Foray”