Equipping the Courageous Patriots in the tradition of the American Founders

What Equipped the American Founders to be Courageous Patriots?

The American Founders built our nation on a specific intellectual foundation: the Bible, and the great books of Western civilization.

Steve Turley and Daniel Foucachon Discuss The Making of Courageous Patriots


A comprehensive package that includes all the essentials of a Patriot’s classical education, this exclusive Courageous Patriots Western Civilization Package from Roman Roads Press was created in collaboration with Turley Talks.

Package includes

  • Complete Old Western Culture Set
  • 16 Volume Hardback Great Books Set
  • 64-disc DVD set + Streaming Access
  • 16 Workbooks
  • Special edition Homer & Dante
  • Reader Guides for Dante
  • One year of weekly email for adults
  • Four live sessions with teachers and authors
  • Welcome swag box
  • and MUCH more.

The Sixteen Volume Old Western Culture Readers (premium hardbacks), included in the Courageous Patriot’s Package

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The Great Books: Essential to the American Founders

Early Americans universally read the Great Books, especially the Roman authors. It is said that George Washington had a Bible and the works of “Tully” (Cicero) by his bedside. It was the basis of their education.

John Adams wrote to his 17 year-old son John Quincy:

“I wish to turn your thoughts early to such studies as will afford you the most solid Instruction and improvement for the part which may be allotted you to act on the stage of life. There is no history, perhaps, better adapted to this useful purpose than that of Thucydides, an author of whom I hope you will make yourself perfect master.”

Letter from John Adams to his son John Quincy Adams, Philadelphia, August 11, 1777

Why the Old Western Culture Series is Loved by All Ages

The award-winning Old Western Culture series is the best way to retrieve the lost education of the American Founders. It is story-driven, yet not merely about the great books, but through the great books.

As a college graduate from a major university in 1990, with nearly straight A’s, I realized with a heavy heart that I was uneducated. Homeschooling my own children beginning in the late ‘90’s began the education that I had always longed for, but didn’t know how to pursue. Old Western Culture is becoming my favorite “mid-life” “empty-nesting” resource… Thank you for your mighty work! It blesses not only me, but all in my circle of influence. Unexpectedly, I’m closer to God because of participating in this challenge, and HE is the needful thing that makes all the difference.

– Jill L.

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What’s Included

This package includes the essential works of Western civilization in hardback, special editions of the greatest epics, reader guides, and most of all, a comprehensive 192 lecture video course on both DVD (64 DVD set) + Streaming. And a host of extras to help you actually start reading the great books, including 40 weekly emails packed with audio books, discussion questions, and summaries to help you through your first (or 10th) journey through one of the great books.


Shown: All 16 units of Old Western Culture (64 DVDs, 16 Readers, and 16 workbooks), with swag and mugs.
Note: Courageous Patriot’s Package includes the premium hardback versions (paperback shown).


A new verse translation of Dante’s Divine Comedy and curriculum by Joe Carlson.

  • Divine Comedy texts
  • Reader Guides
  • Comprehensive videocourse (streaming)
  • Teacher’s Edition with Complete Lecture Notes
  • Audiobooks read by the translator


Extras, Year-long Support, and Live Component

Swag shown: four mugs (package includes six) and Old Western Culture bookmarks. Just a preview of the generous swag included in the Courageous Patriot’s Western Civilization Package!

What other Courageous Patriots are saying

I wanted to let you know that I have completed the Great Books Challenge using the Aeneid. Actually, my husband and I did it together after we put the kids to bed (they are in elementary grades) and called it a weekly ‘date night’. 😉
Being publicly educated, we didn’t have the education that we hope to give our children and had very little exposure to most of the ‘greats’ (both books and individuals). I suggested we begin to learn these things now, though our children are younger, so we will know a bit about what we will be teaching when the time comes. Your great books challenge was just the impetus we needed to dive in- and we are so glad we did!
We were both amazed at the vast knowledge that just seeps out of Wes Callihan–it is clear he is not reading from a script but teaching through conversation…a style we both loved. And he teaches in such a way that even huge spans of history or daunting subjects can be made both understandable, fascinating and downright pleasant to discover.
We are very excited for this incredible resource for ourselves presently and for our children in the future! 

– Rebecca and Matt

I absolutely love these lectures and units and how they focus on the ancient texts through the lens of a Christian worldview. You’ve helped redeem in me what the locusts of public school ate. I feel more equipped and excited to share this with my eldest son, who is approaching high school age soon. My hope is to continue through all of the Western Culture curriculum as a preview or simultaneously as all my children do.

Christina P

I’ve gained more from reading these works than I can yet articulate. My advice to anyone else doing the challenge [through Old Western Culture] would be to go ahead and buy the student reader compilations. I printed, read digitally, and gleaned the readings from my own library. Looking back, it would have helped to have all the reading in one spot that I could freely highlight and mark up!

Angela B.

My daughter actually kept trying to watch the lessons with me, so I told her she could get started reading the Iliad as soon as I was finished with it.

Bridget M.

Wow! I loved this course. This course is part of my own classical education that I’m getting now, that I missed when I was growing up. The Metamorphoses was a surprising delight to read. Please keep up the good work. Many thanks for inspiring us parents to read these great works, and many thanks for the next course. I can’t wait to get started!

Linda F.

This has been a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to continue learning through the rest of the OWC courses. I plan to work through them while my children are young, and enjoy them again alongside my children when they reach high school. Thank you for helping to repair the ruins of my education.

Hannah V.

It was just what I was looking for – an experienced teacher that provided historical and cultural context while also guiding me through the themes and pivotal moments.

Wendy I.

I am so glad to have come across the Old Western Culture program because I feel like a more well-rounded person for having read the material and watched the lectures. I was glad to have Wes Callihan there to draw out some of the themes and nuances by the authors/poets that I might not have picked up on otherwise.

Lacey A.

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