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Logic: A Science and Art

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Is logic a science or an art? Of course, a logician would answer Yes, and here is why. A science is a systematic study of some aspect of the natural world that seeks to discover laws (regularities, principles) by which God governs His creation. Whereas botany studies plants, astronomy studies the sky, and anatomy studies the body, logic studies the mind as it reasons, as it draws conclusions from other information. Logic as a science seeks to discover rules that distinguish good reasoning from poor reasoning, rules that are then simplified and systematized. These would include the rules for validity, of inference and replacement, and … Continue Reading “Logic: A Science and Art”

Fitting Words Rhetoric: Sample Lesson (Lesson 12)

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Here is one full lesson from the Fitting Words Rhetoric curriculum so you can get a feel for how the course works. Each lesson of Fitting Words Rhetoric has two videos: Lesson and Application. In addition, there is an exam prep video for each of the nine exams throughout the course. We recommend students follow these steps while going through Fitting Words: Read the lesson in the textbook Watch the Lesson portion of the video course Work on the exercises in the Student Workbook. Watch the Application portion of the video course (workbook open). Where appropriate, put the application/workbook to … Continue Reading “Fitting Words Rhetoric: Sample Lesson (Lesson 12)”

256 Forms of Mood and Figure | Ln 24 Challenge from Introductory Logic (Part I)

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

In this video, we go through the 256 Forms of Mood and Figure, a challenge from Lesson 24 of Introductory Logic Video course. This is a task that many students (and even educators) have found to be difficult, tedious, and some say impossible. Here we SHOW you how to do it, and that it is indeed possible! Session I. We recommend you watch in FULL HD! Click the little “gears” box after pushing play. Session II.

Introductory and Intermediate Logic

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Logic is the art of reasoning well—of learning to think God’s thoughts after Him. This Logic curriculum lays the proper foundation of reasoning in the truth of God, then trains students in the crucial skills of defining terms, recognizing basic types of statements, identifying informal fallacies, and more. Watch the trailer for the updated and expanded Introductory and Intermediate Logic DVDs! Related Videos: Watch the FULL LESSON 7 from Intermediate Logic: Analyzing Logic in the movies: