Fitting Words Rhetoric: Sample Lesson (Lesson 12)

Here is one full lesson from the Fitting Words Rhetoric curriculum so you can get a feel for how the course works.

Each Lesson has a "Key Concept" map.

Each Lesson has a “Key Concept” map.

Each lesson of Fitting Words Rhetoric has two videos: Lesson and Application. In addition, there is an exam prep video for each of the nine exams throughout the course.

We recommend students follow these steps while going through Fitting Words:

  1. Read the lesson in the textbook
  2. Watch the Lesson portion of the video course
  3. Work on the exercises in the Student Workbook.
  4. Watch the Application portion of the video course (workbook open).
  5. Where appropriate, put the application/workbook to practice!

Now to sample each of these parts!

View the PDF of Lesson 12: Emotions, Part One, from Fitting Words (hardback textbook)
View the PDF of Lesson 12 exercises from Fitting Words Student Workbook (softback consumable with perforated pages)
View the  PDF of a sample exam (Fitting Words Exam Pack includes 9 exams, as well as Exam Reviews, and speech judging sheets)
View the PDF of Lesson 12 Answer Key (Paperback)

Watch Fitting Words, Lesson 12: Main Lesson:

Watch Fitting Words, Lesson12: Application


Fitting Words Rhetoric has many features often left out of high school curriculum. The back of the Fitting Words textbook is a goldmine. All the speeches needed for this course are included in Appendix A. Appendix B is a list of every speech in the Bible, a very helpful tool when studying Rhetoric in the light of Scripture. There is also a full Glossary-Index, with all the key terms and definitions from the textbook, along with where those terms are first introduced or explained (in bold), and where they are used throughout the text. The other place to find many “extras” and aids is the video course, which includes audio-visual examples from history relating to each lesson (depending on the subject, some lessons more than others).

Read some Reviews!

“Liberty has really been blessed by its ease of use and format. Everything that my brand new teachers needed was right there. It was very easy to implement and, as the curriculum director, I now rest assured that the level of our rhetoric program will not change if the teacher changes. I hope that this curriculum has the opportunity to make it to the larger audience because it fills a void in Classical Christian education curriculum. Rhetoric can be one of be most daunting subjects to teach, and Nance has found the remedy. We have used it with 9th-12th graders and it was accessible by all the grades.”
–Kathy Smith, Liberty Classical Academy

Fitting Words is the best balance between rigor and ease of use that I’ve seen yet.
–Andrew Pudewa, founder and director, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

Wes Callihan (Schola Classical Tutorials) on Fitting Words
Brian Daigle (Headmaster of Sequitur Classical Tutorials) on Fitting Words

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