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Author: Leta Sundet

Candor: What Jane and Lizzy Bennet Can Teach Us about Charity

by Leta Sundet on Posted on

The Four Loves | A Series Exploring C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves One of Lewis’ great accomplishments in The Four Loves was his ability to push back against both the errors of his ancestors, and the errors of his own time. Like Augustine, Lewis understands that “our hearts are restless until they come to rest in Thee” as he writes about the different loves, from the familiar warmth of Affection, to the powerful bond of like-minded Friendship, to the intoxicating passion of Eros, to the grace-filled love of Charity. In this first installment, Leta Sundet explores “candor” as Jane Austen uses it. This idea of candor … Continue Reading “Candor: What Jane and Lizzy Bennet Can Teach Us about Charity”