A total weirdo was hanging around Penelope’s palace…When I saw who he was? MIND. BLOWN.

Penelope was a tragic war-widow…or was she? Will this mysterious stranger’s secret change everything she thought she knew?

Odysseus has returned home at long last to Ithaca, his own island, after twenty years of war and wandering. But chaos reigns at home! While he’s been gone, a multitude of suitors, hoping to claim his throne, are pursuing the hand of Odysseus’ wife, Penelope. Penelope has held out these twenty years, but is running out of ideas to keep the suitors at bay as she wonders if her husband will ever return, or if he is long-dead. As she gives her suitors a final challenge, promising to marry the winner, she has no idea that the mysterious beggar watching proceedings at her court is really Odysseus in disguise! Watch the clip below to hear more about how Odysseus reveals himself to the suitors’ dismay!

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