New Western Culture, powered by WesGPT

Inherit the Future

April 1st, 2023

We are pleased to announce WesGPT, a new version of Old Western Culture powered by artificial intelligence.

Learn more in our video announcement.

In an age of artificial intelligence, learn what it means to be human.

A Few Sale Highlights

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Old Western Culture

For centuries, the study of the great books has been central to education.
Old Western Culture is a robust great-books, dual-credit honors-level curriculum, but it is first and foremost storytelling. Learn, appreciate, and inherit “old Western culture” as C.S. Lewis coined the term.

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric

Rhetoric is the art of using words well, and is measured by our ability to teach men the truth, to move men to goodness, and to delight men with verbal beauty. Effective speaking and writing is informative, powerful, and elegant.

Calculus for Everyone

Calculus for Everyone teaches Calculus. But it also represents one of the first tangible steps in recent years at reunifying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) with the liberal arts. Only prerequisite? Algebra 1. Yes, this is for everyone!