The Last Enemy - Death
By Dr. Steve Jeffery, of Emmanuel Evangelical Church (North London, UK).
Delivered at Trinity Reformed Church, in Moscow, ID.

  1. The Valley of the Shadow:
    Exploring the experience of death. (mp3 download)
  2. People of Dust:
    Understanding the doctrine of death. (mp3 download)
  3. Some Sat in Darkness:
    Confronting the moment of death. (mp3 download)
  4. Yet Shall They Live:
    Christian faithfulness in a world of death. (mp3 download)

 1. The Valley of the Shadow:
Exploring the experience of death

 2. People of Dust:
Understanding the doctrine of death

 3. Some Sat in Darkness:
Confronting the moment of death

 4. Yet Shall They Live:
Christian faithfulness in a world of death

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