The Music of Old Western Culture

Composed by Daniel White

Did you know that Old Western Culture has two unique soundtracks commissioned by Roman Roads Press? 
Music composer Daniel White composed the tracks for The Romans and Early Moderns.

The Romans

For the Romans I wanted something that captured the feel of glory, splendor, triumph, and some pomp. I told Daniel White it would ideally evoke a bit of a Ben Hur (Charlton Heston version) vibe, being the most Roman music I believe was ever composed.

Early Moderns

For Early Moderns, we needed something that communicated some of the turmoil of the early modern era, as well as the feel of travel, expansion, exploration, and change. Daniel White actually recorded his own pocket watch for the ticking sound at the beginning. His first draft reminded me so much of a tune by Claude Goudimel, the famous composer of the Genevan Psalter from the same era, that I sent him the exact tune, and had him compose a Fantasia on a Theme based on the Psalm 24 tune by Claude Goudimel, from the Genevan Psalter in 1542.

Roman Roads Press · Old Western Culture: Early Moderns – Main Theme (full length)