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All she had to do to get out of jail was to say, “I recant.”

by Francis Foucachon on Posted on

Marie Durand, ( 1711-1776)  spent 38 years in jail for the crime of honoring God over man’s laws. Originally posted at Huguenot Heritage. My Huguenot ancestors were known to be courageous and strong in their faith. They believed in salvation by faith in Christ and Christ alone. Many had to pay a high price for their religious convictions. Their desire was to please God above all else. They understood that God’s Word is the authority that governs all of life. No human law is above God’s law. The Huguenots stood by that, even if it meant being imprisoned, tortured, or … Continue Reading “All she had to do to get out of jail was to say, “I recant.””

Le Symbole des Apôtres

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Do you speak French, or have friends who do? Introducing “Le Symbole des Apôtres” (The Apostles’ Creed), a seminary level course developed by Third Millennium Ministries, and now available for FREE in French! Roman Roads Media has had the privilege of working with native Frenchman, Rev. Francis Foucachon and Huguenot Heritage, to bring this award-winning course to the French speaking world! Please share with anyone you think would benefit from this solid biblical teaching! Watch/listen/read the entire course HERE.