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We thought it was just a wooden horse, a gift from the Greeks. When we saw what was in side? JAW DROP!

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Hear the incredible story of the fall of Troy, and how the Greeks were tricked! You won’t believe what was inside the horse, left by the Greeks as a so-called “gift.” After hearing this story, you’ll never trust a Greek bearing gifts again! Welcome to #ClassicalClickbait, incredible stories from antiquity that still astound us today! Follow the Classical Clickbait Twitter or Facebook¬†for more #ClassicalClickbait! Excerpt from The Aeneid (Old Western Culture curriculum). Trouble with video? Click HERE to play on YouTube. Share the Meme: permalink:¬†

Aeneas dumps Dido, claims “fate” – you won’t believe what she does next!

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Advice for all men: When you mess up, fess up! Wes Callihan tells of one of the most famous, and most tragic relationships in the history of the West. Hint: Aeneas is not a relationship role model! YouTube version HERE. From The Aeneid unit from the Old Western Culture curriculum. UPDATE! BREAKING NEWS: The long lost “Formal Apology” of Aeneas to Dido found buried under a chicken coop south of Rome. Thanks to Kelly Cumbee for making this incredible discovery!