Code of Conduct for Roman Roads Classroom

1. Parental Responsibility: Parents are expected to take primary responsibility for the student’s education, to supervise their academic work, and to assure that assignments are completed in required formats and by due dates.  Parents are expected to procure all required equipment and materials needed for each registered course.

2. Due Dates: All assignments are due in the manner prescribed by the teacher, Pacific Standard Time, on the due date.

3. Attendance and Make-Ups: The student is responsible for obtaining any notes or assignments from any class from another student or any bulletin board maintained by the teacher.

4. Grade Reports: Grades will be emailed to the students and/or parents on a regular basis.

5. Writing Assignment Standards: Parents are expected to see that the student follows the specified format for a given written assignment. See general standards below.

6. Writing Quality: It is assumed that the student has sufficient mastery of writing skills including grammar, vocabulary and expression commensurate with the level of the class. Parents expressly state that this is the case by registering their student.

7. Classroom Etiquette & Rules of Behavior: The registering of a student is an affirmation that the parents and the student have read and agree with these standards:

Biblical behavior standards will be followed at all times.

– Talking (including instant messaging in any chat box or otherwise) will not be permitted during class except:

a. When the teacher asks for a response.
b. When it can be inferred that it is permitted by the teacher.
c. When it is relevant to the topic being discussed in class.

– Background noise or music is not permitted.

– Students, Parents, and Auditors may not share passwords and logins with anyone without express written permission by Roman Roads Classroom.

8. General Requirements:

a. Student must have immediate access to all books and other required materials used for the course in the version stipulated by Roman Roads Classroom. If you purchase a bundle that includes textbooks, you are all set!

b. If a family has more than one student enrolled in the same class, each student must have his/her own computer, webcam, and internet connection. Roman Roads Classroom assumes no responsibility for the technology used by students.

c. Student must have a reasonable ability to type on a computer keyboard.

d. The teacher may restrict the student in any way he/she deems advisable to minimize any adverse effect on others in the class.

e. Communications by the teacher to the parents or student will generally be sent by email. An email will be deemed to have been received and read 24 hours after it is sent to the last provided email address.

General Standards for Written Assignments

Assignments must be posted as directed by the teacher. Unless directed otherwise by the teacher the body of the assignment shall:
a. Be typed in Times New Roman type font, 12 points.
b. Have the title centered across the top of the page.
c. Have the student’s name and date at the top of the page in the right margin
d. Be double spaced.

Any questions? email!

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