Answer to the Riddle Rendezvous with Dr. Mitch Stokes sections found in Grammar of Poetry.

Riddle 1: A shoe
Riddle 2: The letter “e”
Riddle 3: Eyeglasses
Riddle 4: The letter “m”
Riddle 5: Fire
Riddle 6: Teeth
Riddle 7: Corn
Riddle 8: A coffin
Riddle 9: Stars
Riddle 10: A cherry
Riddle 11: Suicide
Riddle 12: A river
Riddle 13: A hole
Riddle 14: vowels a, e, i, o, u
Riddle 15: In a dictionary
Riddle 16: One
Riddle 17: 15 and 45

Who is Dr. Mitch Stokes? Mitch Stokes is Senior Fellow of Philosophy at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho, and is the author to “A Shot of Faith (to the head)“. He also has a black belt in some Chinese-named martial art, has a wife and 4 kids, and more academics degrees than kids. No one quite knows how he received his epic scar, but the rumors are many.

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