We have an all-new website (August 2015), and we’re very excited about it! But just like moving in to a new house, sometimes you can’t find that one utensil, or even a whole box, or maybe something just isn’t installed yet. This new website will allow us to do a lot of things the older website didn’t, and many of those things are still in development.

But here are the major differences you’ll see today.

My Roman Roads

My Roman Roads” is the portal login, and requires quick, free registration. On this Portal you can:


I had an account on your previous site. Will it work here? 
No. The old site had limited functionality that we could not port over, so you will need to create a NEW account here. However, it only takes 10 seconds! If you had streaming on the old site, contact us so that we can add it to your new account. We’ll need your full name and email address so we can look you up.

Where are the Materials for OId Western Culture or other courses?
On the main navigation menu, click “My Roman Roads.” If you purchased on our new site, your probably already have an account. If not, create a free account (takes 10 seconds). Once in, navigate to “Materials“. Then just click on the course or unit of Old Western Culture, and you will see all the materials laid out in our new format!

How do I use a course (streaming) on the portal?
If your purchase included streaming, simply log into “My Roman Roads” and navigate to the “My Courses” tab. Just scroll down – it should be listed there! If you don’t see it there, contact us!

I purchased a course before the new website. Can I still get streaming?
If you purchased Old Western Culture after March 1st, 2015, then you are eligible for free streaming! Just contact us after creating a new portal account, include full name, date of purchase, and what product you purchased, as well as your new username/email, and we’ll add it to your account.

Any other questions?

Two methods: Contact us using our website contact form, OR message us through our Facebook page.
For simple questions about navigation or where to find something, FB will have the fastest response. For longer question, please use contact form.


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