Darwin’s Sandcastle:
Evolution’s Failure in the Light of Scripture and the Scientific Evidence,
by Gordon Wilson, PhD

It’s about time Darwinism is seen for what it is.

Why are brilliant and logical scientists not reasonable on the question of the ultimate cause of the unity, diversity, and complexity of life on Earth? We wrongly think that an accurate view of life’s origins can be deduced by science and logic alone apart from faith and humble submission to God’s Word. Without the light of God’s Word, unbelievers have built up an edifice, a theory of life’s origins known as Darwinian Evolution, which they believe is an impregnable fortress. In our Darwin-dominated society, blind chance, mutation, and natural selection have received most of the glory for the unity, diversity, and complexity of life on Earth. It’s about time this philosophy is seen for what it is: a sandcastle on the beach, in the face of the rising tide.