Great Books Challenge Scholarship Application

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History of the Great Books Challenge

Starting in 2016, Roman Roads Press has hosted a Great Books Challenge that a growing number of parents joined. Starting last year we provided premium content associated with the Great Books Challenge, including audiobooks and the actual Old Western Culture lectures (over $100 in value) for free for over 2,000 families. This year, in order to keep up with all the new production associated with producing the challenge, we hired new staff, and will deliver even more content. But we need to charge a small fee ($40 for the premium add-on). If a family does not already own Old Western Culture, they will also need to purchase that as well.

Scholarship Details

We don’t want cost to keep a family from participating in this challenge! If the $40 premium add-on fee and/or the cost of acquiring the Old Western Culture unit poses too much of a financial burden on you, please use the form below to request a scholarship.
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