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Why the King stood for the Hallelujah chorus

by Roy Atwood on Posted on

When the music for this biblical passage began, King George, I believe, made a statement about royal authority and honor: The Christian King of England is not the Supreme Authority, but he is one under authority and must show honor and respect to his Supreme Lord, the King of Kings. Just as people rise to show honor and respect in the presence of their English Royals, King George could do no less, as one under Authority. Here’s my argument for why the King George stood that day and why we should still do so today. King George II stood up … Continue Reading “Why the King stood for the Hallelujah chorus”

A Survey of the History of Rock and Roll

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]oin Dr. Chris Schlect and the students of Logos High School as they explore the origins and progression of rock and roll through the first few decades of its existence, and the part it played in our culture, ending with a live performance of “Stairway to Heaven” by the Logos Dad’s Band. More On Classic Rock: Wes Callihan on Rory Gallagher, Pinkerton Detective Agency, and Clint Eastwood… Logos Benefit Concert: Where Classic Rock Meets Classical Education Logos Dad’s Band Concert 2013 Image by Jay Niemeyer.

Psalm 13 & G. F. Handel’s Suite No. 4 in D Minor

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

Dr. David Erb recently composed a new setting to Psalm 13 influenced by Handel’s Suite No. 4 in D Minor (HWV 437) Sarabande, and it’s beautiful! Hear Dr. Erb explain how this came about in this little out-take from the recording of Psalm 13. And here is rendition of the original piece by G.F. Handel: (If audio player does no appear, click HERE) Now listen to Dr. Erb’s Psalm 13 recording: YouTube version HERE. If you would like to hear Psalm settings by Dr. Erb, click here:

Psalm 150 | Learn the Psalms

by Daniel Foucachon on Posted on

The primary thing we do here at Roman Roads Media is to produce high quality video courses for the homeschool. But we also enjoy creating other resources for the Saints. Here is Psalm 150, arranged by Dr. David Erb, music director of Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and professor at New Saint Andrews college. This video is “annotated,” or you might say “notated.” As Dr. Erb sings, you will see the music on screen. This is an excellent way to learn the Psalms!