#1 Specialization

Jim Nance - LogicA video course will bring a teacher into your home who is a master in his or her field. A parent simply can’t be an expert in every subject, especially when his or her child reaches high school level study. A master teacher with years of experience can communicate an inspiring passion and love for the subject that comes with years of study. Communicating this passion is especially important when teaching challenging subjects in the middle or highscool years.

 #2 Flexibility

A video course is rivaled only by self-study from a textbook when it comes to choosing the most flexible form of education! However, with a video course, you not only have the benefit of combining audio and visual aspects to the learning experience as compared to studying straight from a textbook, but you can pause it, and watch it again.

A good video course will be produced with the homeschooler in mind, which means filming specifically for the camera, not in the back of a classroom. This makes the teaching enjoyable and concise, and concise means flexible!

#3 Cost Effective

Compared to other forms of education, video courses are among the most cost effective. Not only do you get expert teaching (see #1), and have flexibility (see #2), but when you’re done, you still own the video course and can pass it on to others, sell it to recoup costs, or use it for all the other members of your family.

Bonus: Family Learning

Kids watching TVAnother benefit to video courses if you have multiple children is that siblings can learn together! Whether siblings close in age team up and take a course together, or younger siblings simply listen in, the learning is reinforced by sharing it with others. The young ones who informally sit in on the courses benefit from the early introduction to the subject. When they study the subject themselves years later they will be getting a “second coat” in that particular area. Your older children may be jealous of how easily the material comes to the younger ones who have already heard it once before!

Daniel Foucachon“Video courses were a very important part of our homeschool education while growing up in France. We didn’t have access to co-ops, support groups, or tutors. Video courses allowed us to have expert instruction all the way through high school by filling in the courses for which our mother did not have expertise. Some of the video courses were fantastic, others were terrible. This is the main reason I founded Roman Roads Media. I wanted to bring my knowledge of the homeschool world together with my love of classical Christian education, and create the best classical video courses which were designed from start to finish with the homeschooler in mind.” – Daniel Foucachon, Founder, Roman Roads Media

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