Thanksgiving 2020: Thankful for both in-person and remote fellowship

Thankful for both in-person and remote fellowship

In 2020 more than ever before, we are aware of two realities. One, the gift of sitting down face-to-face and sharing a meal, in person. The sight, the smell, the touch, the warmth, the taste. Second, the gift of technology in bringing people together, however imperfectly.

As we wait for the resurrection from the dead on the last day and Supper of the Lamb where all those in Christ will eat, face-to-face (no Zoom), we are grateful for those technologies that bring us together now, whether it’s a family member across the country via video, or Augustine and Dante and Milton via a book or a video course.

These technologies are imperfect. 2020 bears witness. Flesh and bones are preferred. May these imperfect technologies and imperfect introductions to the past make us yearn for the perfect union on the last day.

Whether you are able to share a meal in person this Thanksgiving or must suffer the imperfection of distant fellowship, may 2020 give us the anticipation of the glory that awaits in the resurrection, and simultaneously cause us to give thanks for the technologies of books and video that allow us to fellowship in a limited way now.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Daniel Focuachon,
CEO, Roman Roads Press

I recently filmed this short video explaining how Old Western Culture is not a typical high school curriculum. It is also a guide to the past for almost all ages.

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