Introducing Kepler Education

Dear friends of Roman Roads Press,

For the last five years we have offered classes through Roman Roads Classroom, a small online live-class service where we used the flipped-classroom model of lecture + live recitation.

Many of you used this service and expressed how much you loved the model. Additionally, teachers loved this model.

That is why last year we founded Kepler Education, building on the foundation so many of you loved with Roman Roads Classroom.

What has changed?

The biggest change in the transition from Roman Roads Classroom to Kepler Education is the quantity of teachers who have joined us!

Kepler allows independent classical Christian teachers to offer their classes on our platform. Our motto is to “empower families by liberating teachers,” and the result is that some of the best educators available have joined us! But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself!

Kepler is not unique because we offer 200 classes from 85 educators. Kepler is unique because we offer a college-like approach to 7-12th grade (and beyond) in how parents choose courses for their children. “Choose your teacher” means far more than “choose your section.” It represents choices in curriculum, learning style, teaching philosophy, price, and schedule. Each teacher profile includes a teaching philosophy and a statement of faith, in addition to the standard bio, so parents can make informed decisions. For example, we don’t have “Latin I, II, III,” we have a language department with Latin taught from multiple methods, curricula, and teaching styles.

Which one best fits your child? Come and see! (links to Languages)

Daniel Foucachon,
on behalf of Roman Roads Press and Kepler Education.

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