Old Western Culture in the 18th year of homeschooling (a review)

It is always a pleasure to hear how our courses have blessed homeschool parents. I wanted to share this review from a veteran homeschool mom who has kids with very different learning styles.

My family is in the process of wrapping up our 18th year of homeschooling. I was blessed to stumble upon the Old Western Culture series this year. I had heard the name Wes Callihan before, but for the past few years, I was surprisingly content with my repertoire of homeschooling materials.

However, my mildly autistic 15 year old son presented me with a new challenge: how to get through the huge amounts of readings and discussions of the Great Books in high school (a journey that thrilled my older kids, avid readers, competent writers, and all-around academically-oriented people) without losing my technologically-savvy, anxiety-prone, bright but easily overwhelmed, son.

Elijah warmed to Mr. Callihan’s presentation of The Greeks from the first lecture. He willing watched the entire first set on The Epics, even though he had just completed his study of those books with another curriculum. Drama and Lyric was his favorite, as he loves to see how the traditions established in Greek theatre continue to play themselves out in modern productions.

My older son was home from his very prestigious, classically-oriented college, and remarked, while listening in on The Philosophers lectures, how he loved Mr. Callihan’s presentation on Plato. This son reads philosophy for fun. He is completing a philosophy major. He is dismayed by his fellow students’ lack of exposure to any philosophical teachings in high school. He cites his readings of Plato and Aristotle, Democracy in America by Tocqueville*, and the Holy Bible as the most important studies of his high school education.

It is because of the dedication and talent of people like Wes Callihan that parents like me can provide our children with an education that extends far beyond their high school graduation exams – it is one that reaches into the depths of their souls. Roman Roads Media’s Old Western Culture curriculum is going to help me guide my challenged younger son through the next few years of The Great Books and prepare him for further study in whatever field his heart desires. He may not choose to study philosophy in depth, but he will be a well-educated citizen. Thank you for these materials.

Sabrina M. Pelczynski-Kunda

P.S. I have included a drawing my 9 yo did of Mr. Callihan in his study. She very much enjoyed The Philosophers, too.

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  1. Michelle Caldwell says:

    I love this!! ?♥️

  2. What an encouraging note! Excited to be teaching Old Western Culture classes through Kepler Education!

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