10 Ways to Thwart Copiousness

  1.  Be too cool to ask questions or learn anything new.
  2.  Try not to think hard, but if you must think, compartmentalize your thoughts.
  3.  Spend your free time indoors staring at a screen.
  4.  Fear ideas that differ from your own, and never read anything you disagree with.
  5.  Only be friends with people your own age who think like you.
  6.  Avoid people who know more than you.
  7.  Have no heroes.
  8.  Never travel far from home, but if you must, stay only in comfortable places.
  9.  Never think through what the Bible says about anything.
  10.  Never pray.

HT: Brian Daigle

If you want to develop copiousness, obviously do the opposite of this list. Additionally, read, read, and read some more. And as you read and go about your week, keep a commonplace book handy. Read quotes from others, like those found on A Copious Mind.

Here are some thoughts on developing Copiousness from Fitting Words | Classical Rhetoric.

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  1. Paula says:

    What a wonderful idea! I always have snippets of wisdom or interesting bits about various things that I pick up and then eventually forget. I never thought of a commonplace book to hold them in. Sounds like a future treasure for family, too.

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