Arteries of ink and veins of gold

Arteries of ink and veins of gold,
Blue and scarlet threads
Stitching stories on paper,
Words of God and man.

Hours in silent sunlight,
Hunched back, cramped fingers,
Planting words in rows,
Seeding centuries.

Hide of beast, kitchen rags,
Carved by blue and red and gold –
Holdfast of hope and the world’s wisdom
In a smudged hand.

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Christiana HaleChristiana Hale graduated from New Saint Andrew’s College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture (Cum Laude, 2015) and with an M.A. in Theology & Letters (Summa Cum Laude, 2017). Her undergraduate thesis dissertation, “The Jovial Pilgrim,” on C. S. Lewis’s medievalism in the Space Trilogy was recognized as an “Outstanding Thesis” by New Saint Andrews College. Christiana teaches a class on the Fiction of C. S. Lewis, Shakespeare and Milton, and a writing tutorial service through Roman Roads Classroom.

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