A glimpse at what we lost when we abandoned classical education

Mark Twain is attributed with the saying “Those who don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t.”

We are now a couple generations away from our forefathers who abandoned classical education. We are now the generation that does not even know what it has lost. Wes Callihan gives a  glimpse at the kind of richness we have lost in this excerpt from the Old Western Culture curriculum on the great books of Western civilization. If you don’t study the classics, you have no advantage over those who can’t. Roman Roads Media provides tools to help you accomplish this task! Get started today!

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what we lost - gallic wars

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  1. Jojo Wilson says:

    I am a newly born in Christ want to research an learn more from anyone all over the world brother and i am from the Gambia and living with my siblings i have 2 brothers and a sister we all live with our old grandma we are orphans we lose our mom May 2014 died of malaria and our father died of cancer we living in a small village here called Brikama

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