Can I use your DVDs in another country?

We have received several questions about whether our video courses will work in other countries.

The short answer is: YES!

For many of us in the USA, this question seems absurd, since DVDs are digital. For various reasons, mostly surrounding distribution of major motion pictures, MOST movies distributed on DVD and Blu Ray are region coded. DVDs in the US are from region 1, DVDs from Europe are region 2, etc. See the map below to see how the 6 regions are divided.

DVD-Region-mapThe DVDs released by Roman Roads Media, including the Old Western Culture series, Grammar of Poetry, Introductory Logic, and Intermediate Logic, as well as those from our partner Compass Classroom, are REGION 0. This means they will work in EVERY region of the world. We did this very intentionally since we want to make sure our overseas clients have no issue playing our DVDs!


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