How do Credits and Transcripts work with Old Western Culture? | Webcast

Credits and Transcripts for Homeschoolers

I’ve received several questions from parents about how to record Old Western Culture on a transcript, and how much credit it’s worth in terms of completeing high school.

I created a 10 min webcast to answer these questions. I hope this helps you, and don’t hesitate to post a question or comment below, or be emailing


– A blank high school transcript. Download: Word (RTF)  or PDF
– Completed example transcript: PDF


Old Western Culture is an integrated humanities, double credit high school course. Those credits most often fit into the “Social Studies” category. Depending on the unit, Old Western History can be “de-integrated” for the purpose of fulfilling specific transcript requirements. It can fill requirements for Ancient Literature, Ancient History, Medieval History, Medieval Literatures, Early Modern History, British Literature, Poetry, Theology/Doctrine, Philosophy, Art History, and English and Writing (see video).

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  1. Tommie says:

    You reference a video that Wes Callahan has published explaining why he doesn’t include American History in his OWC program. Please be so kind as to include a link to said video as I am having trouble locating it.

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