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Grammar of Poetry Epiphany ChartHappy Mother’s Day! 

One of the immediate payoffs to learning the building blocks of poetry (the “grammar” of poetry), is in communicating more effectively, and more beautifully, with those you love. 

Matt Whitling gives his students a tool called an “epiphany chart” to help them as they write poetry. An epiphany chart is a way to organize your thoughts, memories, places, and even things. 

This mother’s day, sit down with your child, and have them fill out a special “Mom’s Epiphany Chart”! What are some special memories, places, or things about Mom? Fill in the chart, and use it to write a poem for Mom! Download a blank Epiphany Chart HERE!

Excerpt from Grammar of Poetry, lesson 1 | Matt Whitling teaches students how to use an Epiphany Chart.

Find out more about Grammar of Poetry HERE.

Grammar of Poetry Bundle

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