Why Study the Ancient Greeks? Wes Callihan on Old Western Culture

Homeschoolers are increasingly thinking about classical education. The roots of classical education predate the incarnation of Christ, classical education flourished over the next 2,000 years, and was specifically developed by Christianity throughout the centuries. Yet it was abandoned in the last hundred years or so as Marxist teachings entered our schools. We now think of education as a means of getting a job, and in that mindset, studying Plato and Aristotle is a little hard to justify. After all, “What is the meaning of life?” doesn’t help you be an engineer.
But there are many reasons why the Christian student should study the Greeks.

In the video below, Wes Callihan talks about why studying the ancient Greeks is important for the student of today, and gives an overview of what he covers in year 1 of Old Western Culture: The Greeks.

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