Full Lesson from Drama and Lyric (Old Western Culture)

We are giving away a FULL free lesson from Drama and Lyric, unit two of The Greeks in our Old Western Culture series. This lesson is called “Aeschylus’ Oresteia: The Agamemnon”  and tells the story of Agamemnon and his dysfunctional family. Learn and discuss the role of fate, virtue, and how this story affected the early Christians who were accused of “Thyestean feasts” (a reference to this story).

Share this with your homeschool group or your friends interested in classical education or Greek mythology! This series is designed to make classical education a delight for the homeschooler, as well as for the adult student. Consider purchasing The Greeks, a 4 unit 1 year curriculum for ages which 14+, which includes 20+ hours of video instruction on 16 DVDs, workbooks, course guides, extra resources, and hundreds of classical paintings, maps, artifacts, and more woven into the course!

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