A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course

“What do homeschoolers look for in a video course, or in homeschool curriculum?”

This is a question that a lot of publishers of curriculum, especially in the classical education world, have not asked enough. This question is what drives the Roman Roads Media’s vision! The two brothers behind Roman Roads Media were homeschooled in France. With 5 kids on 5 levels, video courses were a blessing to their mother. Some of the courses were great, some were truly terrible, and some just lacked that je ne c’est qoie (as the French would say).

The knowledge they gained homeschooling overseas now drives the vision of Roman Roads Media. Roman Roads Media’s desire is to create an enjoyable learning experience that is clear, concise, and based on sound teaching methods. We aim to create a distinctly Christian curriculum. In the tradition of the founding fathers, our curriculum is also “Classical.”

Please enjoy our first course, The Grammar of Poetry, by Matt Whitling of Logos School!

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