How did you come to start Roman Roads Media?

A Facebook contact recently asked me about how Roman Roads Media came to be. Here’s what I answered:

Good question! In a sense, I’ve been preparing for this job most of my life 🙂

I grew up in France as a missionary kid, and was homeschooled. My mom was a high-school teacher before marrying my dad, and homeschooled all 5 of us kids. Her love for curriculum and books meant we went through lots of different approaches, which included several video courses. Some were great, some were terrible. We later were introduced to Classical Education when my father started a Christian school there (which I attended for a couple years), and then even more when I attended New Saint Andrews College. At NSA I developed a real love for the classical approach, and was thoroughly convinced to give that kind of education to my kids (whether through homeschool or a school like Logos School).

After graduating from NSA, having already begun the development of a local media business, I took the job to create a Latin DVD for Logos School. I created something they loved, that was a better product than they ever previously had filmed, and yet I felt I could do so much better! So that’s where I got the idea to start a video curriculum company that specializes in adapting the abundance of Classical Education resources that are in Moscow into Homeschool friendly video courses.

So I’ve partnered with Logos School and Canon Press, as well as independent classical educators, to bring the best of classical education into homeschool friendly video curriculum.
We try to bring as much of the classroom or tutor experience to the video platform as possible, along with flexibility and portability. Our courses will be available on DVD or Cloud-based. No special equipment necessary – you can do your course on your computer, TV, iPad, iPhone, or the next generation device.

So that’s what Roman Roads Media is all about. Thanks for asking!

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