NOTE: Our staff has significantly grown since this was last updated, and we will update this page soon! See all our teachers at Kepler Education 

Daniel Foucachon

Founder and CEO

Daniel Foucachon grew up in Lyon, France where his father was an evangelist and church-planter with Mission to the World. He moved to Moscow, Idaho in 2005 to attend New Saint Andrews College, where he graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture in 2009. In 2009 he founded a media production company, and was the producer of Canon Wired (the media branch of Canon Press) until 2013. His love for classical education and desire to publish curriculum designed for home education led him to found Roman Roads Media in 2011, which has since produced and published award-winning liberal arts curriculum for high school students. He and his wife Lydia live in Moscow, Idaho with their six children (new image coming soon!).

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David Foucachon

Chief Operating Officer

David Foucachon is a founding member and COO at Roman Roads. With a lifelong love of Chemistry and all things explosive, he surprised everyone by attending New Saint Andrews College where he fell in love with classical education and met his lovely wife Anne. David and Anne live in Moscow, Idaho with their four energetic munchkins who ensure that there’s never a dull moment.


Cooper White

Operations, Technology, and Software

Cooper grew up in Atlanta and was homeschooled k-12. He joined Roman Roads in March 2012. His experience on the set of several feature films prior to joining us has greatly benefited our work. He is an integal part of the day-to-day operations and organization of our team, tech, and data. He and his wife Jacque have a three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son.


Michael Helvey

Software Developer

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Cooper Salmon

Video production team

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Sam Taylor

Fufillment and Software

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Patrick Cernik

Video production team

Patrick Cernik loves videography, 3D modeling, and editing. He works primarily on developing the Old Western Culture and Fitting Words (Rhetoric) curriculum, as well as various other project.


Mary Brinkerhoff

Textbook Development

Mary Abraham was born and raised in central Ohio. She was homeschooled through high school, taking several online courses in high school from Wesley Callihan through Schola Classical Tutorials. She graduated from Cedarville University in 2011 with a B.A. in Chemistry (with a pre-med emphasis) and Music (piano with a piano pedagogy emphasis), and completed an M.S. in Chemistry at Wright State University in July 2013. Mary has been teaching online science classes since 2013. She recently moved to Switzerland where her husband will be doing research at the CERN research facility.


Valerie Anne Bost

Typesetting and Design

Valerie move out West from Maryland seeking warm weather and sunshine. In spite of the snow, she is sticking around, and we’re very grateful! Cheerful even when the stack of work is higher than the snow drift outside, Valerie is to thank for all the beautiful layouts of the workbooks, textbooks, and art guides, and countless other graphics! She also really good at making sure we avoid speling erors (She doesn’t chek this paage).


Our Board

Timothy Van Den Broek

Board of Directors and Business Adviser

In addition to bringing wisdom and experience in his capacity as advisor to the management, Timothy adds some British humour to this Frenchman-founded company. Timothy was homeschooled in England, and shares Roman Road’s vision of providing quality classical Christian curriculum for homeschoolers. He is currently the CFO of Emsi (an economic modeling tech-firm in Moscow, Idaho) and previously a successful entrepreneur in England.


Kjell Christophersen

Board of Directors and Business Adviser

Kjell is the co-founder of Emsi, an economic modeling tech-firm in Moscow, Idaho. He holds an MBA and PhD in Economics. Kjell came on board with Roman Roads Media when it was just an idea, and helped get our feet off the ground. Without his support and encouragement, Roman Roads would not be where it is today! He shares with Roman Roads the desire to provide high quality curriculum to Christian homeschoolers. A Norwegian by birth, he adds to the international flavor at Roman Roads.