Paper Writing Guidelines

Helps and tips for paper writing in the Old Western Culture curriculum

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Paper Writing Introduction

One paper is assigned for each term in Old Western Culture. These essays are intended to reinforce the concepts of the course, and encourage curiosity in the students. Students may use the discussion questions at the end of each lesson in the workbook to find a suitable paper topic, though they are welcome to find their own topic related to the unit or original sources as well. Another good resource is the Roman Roads Curriculum Facebook group, where parents and Roman Roads developers discuss the curriculum and answer each other’s questions.

Further suggestions


Encourage students to not be afraid of writing a “bad” first draft. The only way to get a good final draft is by writing rough drafts which are, well, rough! Aim at first to get your thoughts down on paper, collect the ideas and helpful quotes you found in your research, and then work on organizing the flow of ideas, polishing the sentences, and, finally, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as any errors in citations.

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric is not a formal writing curriculum, but rather equips writers with tools for persuasive communication, both written and oral. The skills learned in this course will directly impact writing such that it is an excellent companion for any formal writing curriculum. It is a full year of study if taken alone, or can be used over two years alongside a writing curriculum (two-year optional schedule included).

Short Tips for Writing Short Essays

Short Tips for Writing Short Essays is a fantastic short booklet to keep handy for writers of every age.