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Schools and Homeschool Co-ops

Interested in buying our products for your school or co-op?
We have flexible options!

For Old Western Culture

Option 1: Academic-Year License.

This is the most popular option for schools and co-ops as it is flexible, centralized (purchased by the administrator vs each individual family), and includes access to all 16 units of Old Western Culture, allowing flexibility on schedule, pacing, and levels. This option charges a one-time access fee/student.

Option 2: Group discount for purchase.

This option is popular with co-ops whose parents already purchase all the materials on their own, or prefer to own the materials. For this option, simply reach out to with the name of your co-op or school and the quantity of students slated to be in the program. We offer a 30% discount code for 7+ students.

For Calculus and Fitting Words Rhetoric

Contact us at for a custom discount code for your co-op or school.

For Picta Dicta

Picta Dicta physical products.

Contact us at for a custom discount code for your co-op.

Picta Dicta Vocabulary Courses for Groups


Using Old Western Culture in a co-op or school setting: